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SDCR Unit U, Block 167, Lot 2825—This is a rare Sangre de Cristo Creek Lot.  Out of all of those lots we've bought or sold, only 30-some had water features and only five were along Sangre de Cristo Creek. This is the largest stream in Costilla County and such water properties are always hard to find.

Lot U.2825 is priced at $15,500. This is a great price for your own fishing hole.  Most of our streams are shallow and totally freeze over in the winter time and without deep holes to survive the winter the trout seldom get larger than 7-9 inches.  The headwaters of Sangre de Cristo Creek are at 9500’ in the La Veta Pass Area and even during droughts, this stream has a good flow rate.  We have a native trout called Rio Grande Cut Throat that occasionally is caught in this creek and it has a pink meat similar to the German Brown Trout.

 The owner bought this property from us 7 years ago and has fallen on hard times and the bank has threatened foreclosure. 

Directions: From Fort Garland head east on US 160 about 1.5 miles and turn left at “Trinchera Ranch” entrance. Head south for 1.1 miles and turn left at Beekman. Zero odometer as you turn at Beekman. Head east on Beekman and right after odometer 1.5, turn left on Boyd Rd.  Drive to Cul de sac and take the driveway into Lot U.2825.


Contact: Mike Leonards -- 337-334-9756

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Under Contract as of mid-October, 2015
For Sale:  Sangre De Cristo Ranches Unit Q, Block 148, Lots 2646, 2647 and 2648 --  15.386 Acres

Sales Price:  $49,500

Nestled in the San Luis Valley on the western slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Ft Garland, CO lies this beautiful fifteen acres with modern 27' camper protected by a sturdy metal cover with views from its 30' front porch. At 9300 ft elevation, the south facing slope provides solar power for the camper that is surrounded by pine, mixed conifers, aspen, and sage.  Wildlife is plentiful including elk, mule deer, bear, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, and even hummingbirds in season. Property is bordered on two sides by the famous Trinchera Ranch, the largest privately owned elk hunting ranch in Colorado.

A seasonal wash drains through the lower edge of the property along the roadway until it reaches nearby Ojito Creek which serves as the major water supply for local wildlife. Deer and elk traverse the ridge behind the camp from the high ground above to the valley below, as evidenced by game trails throughout the property.

Directions:  From Ft. Garland head south on U.S. Hwy 159 4.67 miles to County Rd. 6.  Turn left and go 2.5 miles to 4-way intersection.  Turn left and drive 0.9 miles to a right turn at Luke.  Take first right at Slegers, then drive 4.4 miles to a left turn at Weller.  Follow Weller past small cabin on left side of road.  The Leonards property is at the top of the hill above the chained driveway entrance.

Trailer, shelter and deck from ridge on property
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Weller Rd. below property
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Upper Weller just below Trinchera Ranch fenceline
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Pinions below deck looking south
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100-watt solar panel below living area
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View of trailer and deck from parking area
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Animal tracks in snow along Weller Rd.
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Looking across Weller Rd.
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