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While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis.  


    Legal                                             Size        Price                                 Terms
SLVR Unit 3 Block 1 Lot 1555,000

Terms Available

SLVR Unit 4 Block 9 Lot 1454,500 Terms Available
SLVR Unit 20 Block 14 Lot 352,650

$650 Down, $200/mo.for 10 mo

 U Lazy U 2, Parcel 10 35 10,000 $4,000 Down, $200/mo for 35 mo
 Forbes Park, Unit D-1, Block 39 Lot 788
 1.24 2,650 $650 Down, $200/mo for 10 mo 
San Luis Valley Ranches Unit 20 Lots:  Unit 20 Lots all fit the following description: They are  330’x660’ in size, flat with native grasses and shrubs. They have good access on County  maintained roads, have great, 360 degree views and are at about 7,600’ elevation. There is no power or water and residents use solar power, propane, and wells. Residents also use septic systems for waste disposal. Well permits limited to “inside domestic use only “are available. From these SLVR parcels, it is about 16 miles to Alamosa and 6 miles to Blanca. Most residents have a post office box in Blanca. Buyers can use the property for camping, but it is not allowed to move on the property until it is paid in full.  Please check with us before starting a drive way or other improvements.
U Lazy U 2 Parcel 10-$10,000 with $4,000 down -  
35 Acre Parcel:  Wolfgang developed the U Lazy U and the U Lazy U 2 in 2004 and 2005. There were more than forty 35 and 40 acre parcels and they all sold for $15,000 to $ 18,000.  When the great real estate bust occurred in 2008 through 2011, we wound up buying three or four back and we have been selling these for $12,600. At the present time we only have three large parcels in our inventory. We have never sold a large parcel for less than $12,600. In Colorado, large parcels over 35 acres come with water rights. A well can be drilled with a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute and that water can be used continually. Water can be used for irrigating one acre plus domestic use. These water rights are valued in the market place at $4,000 to $5,000 per acre of irrigated land.   
Forbes Park, Unit D-1, Block 39, Lot 788 - $2,650   We have a reservation for this property as of 3/29/16
Please click on the Forbes Park link to read more about this area.  It is gated and somewhat private and has covenants which are enforced. We do have photos of this parcel and will email them to you upon request. This would be a perfect spot for camping inexpensively in cool Colorado during the summer.   http://www.colomtland.com/forbes_park.html


Costilla County has adopted a new land use code which will make them more in compliance with other counties in Colorado.  Although this land is cheap, the usage of it is controlled by the county which means you must have proper permits to build, to change the land, to install a septic system, etc.  You can camp on the land and use it as a stepping off point for all the great recreational activities in this area, or you can build, but please consult the county for the rules and regulations regarding use of the land and permits required.
 We also need to mention that although Colorado has legalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use, the state has  determined that for personal use, you can not have more than 6 plants and they must be grown inside the house in a room that can be locked if there are children.  You cannot grow marijuana plants outside in this high elevation Valley - the atmosphere, the cool nights, the lack of precipitation, and many other factors would not be conducive.  


While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis.  
Sunday, June 7 - Denver Post article about moving and living in the San Luis Valley to grow cannibis:  http://www.denverpost.com/news/local/ci_28267705/newcomers-to-costilla-county-lured-by-legal-marijuana-cheap-land


View from many Unit 20 parcels
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Unit 20 Map with
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On the map above, Unit 20,14.3 is the only one of these remaining at this time.

Typical View from the Unit 20 area


Road Conditions and View to the south







Native Vegetatioon on this parcel
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Mt. Blanca in the distance
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Photos current August, 2015
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View to the South from parcel
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 SLVR Unit 20, Block 14, Lot 3 -- 5 Acres ---  $2,650 cash or $650 down and 10 payments of $200. 

Seasonal Camping - Recreational property.  If you want to live in this area, please familiarize yourself with the County's Land Use Code regarding building regulations, septic systems, and obtaining a legal source of water. The land is only designed for one residence, and a well and septic system will be required for permanent living.  This adds greatly to the cost of living in this area, plus one must factor in the cost of solar or hooking up to power.

Map showing parcel in Unit 20
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From the parcel - looking South East
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McLaughlin Rd -- looking South
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Mike walking on the actual parcel
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Another view of the vegetation and trees
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Sangre de Cristo Ranches, Unit C-2, Block 189, Lot 3454--5.07 acres. Cash or Fastpay price is $6,600 requiring $2,500 down and  $342 for 12 month.   Financed price is $7,000 with $2,500 down and $187.50 for 24 month

Located in a primo area for views with privacy, this parcel slopes gently up from the road and with a commanding view of the surrounding area.  There are some mature trees and some high bushes on the property as well as native vegetation.  This is an ideal camping spot or could lead to a building site later.  We previously listed this on our price sheet for $5,900 but a previously contracted customer put in a driveway and the property is more valuable now so we changed the price.    On the map below with GPS coordinates, they could be up to 10' off since we estimate them using Google Earth and the county GIS maps. The edges of the property are marked with blaze along McLaughlin

Parcel in Red showing on Aerial map
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County Map with GPS readings on corners
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Town of Blanca Sign
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Vacant land where lots are located
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Another area For Sale in Blanca
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More examples of For Sale Lots in Blanca
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Blanca Town Lots - 50'x140'- Two for $1,800.

All lots are north of 14th Street and between Savage and Weaver Avenue. The town requires a minimum of two lots to build a residence. Water, Sewer and Electric is nearby and connecting to the town water and sewer is mandatory. Connecting to Blanca town utilities is a real bargain compared to the Colorado Front Range where tap fees often exceed $50,000. We are only selling these in groups of two. 

To look at an aerial map for the little town of Blanca , go to Google Earth and enter 81123 Blanca in the search pane.

We started with 39 town lots and have 8 left in February of 2016.   (50'x140') available Two lots cost $1,800; three $2,400 and four are $3,000. For the investor: If all remaining town lots are purchased, the price is $500 per 50' x 140' Lot. Parcels with yellow X's through them are sold.  As stated, you must buy TWO adjacent to qualify for sewer and water hook-up.

UPDATE- APRIL 15, 2016
Available: Block 5, Lots 23 & 24 and Block 4, Lots 1,20, & 21

Map of Available parcels - you must buy two
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UPDATE- APRIL 15, 2016
Available: Block 5, Lots 23 & 24 and Block 4, Lots 1,20, & 21


Blanca Massif to east from pin at cul-de-sac
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Close-up view of Blanca Massif to east
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View up Lane 1 North toward west
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Position of SDCE Lot 4, Block 9, Unit 18
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Properties corners with yellow pins
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Another beautiful mountain view
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Nearby house
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Another view from pin at cul-de-sac
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Sangre De Cristo Estates - Alamosa County; Lot 4, Block 9, Unit 18  -- 5 Acres -- $4,100 Cash or $4,500 with financing requiring $1,500 down and payments of $132 for 24 months

From the SDCE area, there are great mountain views toward the Mt. Blanca Massive, the northern Sangre De Cristo Range, including the four 14,000’+ peaks around Crestone.  There is great trout fishing in San Luis Lakes, about 20 minutes away.  It is a forty minute drive to the Rio Grande National Forest and the San Isabel National Forest. It is less than 30 minutes to the Entrance Gate of the Sand Dunes National Park. There are three hot springs pools, open to the public, within a 30-minute drive. 


The Sangre De Cristo Estates are a residential ranch development located a 15 minute drive north of Alamosa, Colorado.  This area is west of Colorado Highway 17, and north of Stanley Road which is a paved road, but the development roads are usually unpaved, although maintained well by Alamosa County.  In July 2005, Wolfgang counted over 40 houses in the development, most of them built in the last 5 years. This subdivision uses individual wells and septic systems. Permits for both are available and well depth are typically 110’.  This is an excellent parcel for solar. Alamosa County utilizes the standard building codes and encourages regular types of housing with less inclination to approve alternative types of homes. 


The local realtors have parcels listed in this area in the $4,500 price-range, so this is a bargain.

Another map --
Click for larger version
Directions from Alamosa north to SDCE LEFT TURN
Google Map - approx 17 miles - click to enlarge



  • We own every parcel outright and there are no liens or unpaid taxes.
  • If we acquired a parcel of land as a Treasurer's Deed, we have gone through the additional step of having an attorney do a "Quiet Title" action.
  • The photos of our land are either of that exact parcel or in the same unit as the parcels we are advertising. We take our own photos and do our own mapping.
  • We make appointments to show YOU the land at your convenience starting out from our office east of Fort Garland.  If we can't schedule an appointment in person we will send you directions for finding the parcel on your own.
  • We do all our own paperwork and there are no hidden fees.
  • We have many references and furnish them upon request and you can click them at the top of our page.
  • Our presence in Costilla and Alamosa Countys dates back nearly 20 years and we are members of the community- not a corporation running an office out of state.
  • We are a family company and vacation and enjoy recreational activities in the San Luis Valley ourselves.  


SLVR For Sale South of Hwy 160

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