Wolfgang and family recently spent two days hunting mushrooms in the alpine areas of La Veta Pass and the Sangre de Cristo Ranches.


Having read an article about rare Morel mushrooms (see photos below) that tend to grow in burn areas and considering that the Spring Fire had torn through Forbes Park, La Veta Pass and other nearby areas last year, they decided to drive the length of Old La Veta Pass Road in search of blackened trees.  Despite thunderstorms looming, daughters Karen and Susan wandered north above the road, pausing every few feet to look closely at the landscape.  After they found one or two Morels, it was only a matter of time before they discovered larger groupings.  Half an hour later, they emerged from the burned stand of trees with a bulging bag full of mushrooms which were cleaned and cooked that evening into a delicious chicken stroganoff. 

Two days later, the group drove up Forbes Road in the Sangre de Cristo Ranches to an area where they'd had luck finding mushrooms in the past.  Parking at the base of a side road at 11,400 feet elevation, Mike spotted two aging King Boletes (or Porcinis) below a Bristle Cone Pine near the road.  Mike, Karen, and Susan fanned out into the woods for a couple hours, and when all said and done, they'd harvested over 20 pounds of the beautiful, brown-topped mushrooms -which were also cleaned and cooked in butter and garlic later; some to be frozen and others to become  another stroganoff dish that evening.


Wild mushrooms -- another reason to love the high country in southern Colorado!

Morels from burn area off Old La Veta Pass Rd.
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Karen showing us some Morels
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Susan in a Morel patch
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Wolfgang with Mike and a table-full of Morels
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King Boletes still in the ground
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King Bolete mushroom on the cutting board
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Boletes hiding under some pine needles
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Nice Bolete with a fat base
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Burn marks on ground near Morels
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Cone-headed Morels
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Pristine Bolete under a Bristle Cone sapling
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Mike giving up his shirt to transport mushrooms
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