Wolfgang has researched and written a comprehensive article on wells in SDCR, specifically and you are free to click the .PDF, print it out and refer to it.

Click to read article - Wells in the SDCR by Wolfgang

Typical well depth in the "Valley" ( Elevation 7,500-7,700') is 110'. In the Sangre De Cristo Ranch Area, below 9,000' wells typically are 150' to 400' deep. In Forbes Park, wells typically are 200' deep. Typical complete well prices as of April 2011 range from $6,500 to $11,000.
The well driller will usually obtain the permit from the Colorado Sate Department of Water Resources. Most well permits for 5-acre parcels are for inside domestic use only.  In the Sangre De Cristo Ranches, augmented well permits are available which allow for watering a small garden, flowers and trees. Well drillers will recommend a high flow rate-up to the permitted 15 gallons/minute. This results in a much more expensive deeper well with a big pump, which most alternate power systems ( wind and solar) cannot handle. In Wolfgang's opinion 1-5 gallons per minute is enough. 2 GPM is equivalent to 2880 gallons per day, more than enough for 99% of households.

We have listed below several well drillers that drill in the San Luis Valley. Since no one will know the well depth before hand, they will often
quote a cost per foot, mobilization, plus the sum of several parts. This makes it very difficult to compare estimates. Get at least two estimates and request a fixed price for a complete 110' and a complete 300' well.  


  • Heersink Drilling- Specializing in Artesian*Domestic*Monitor* Mountain 
  • Year Round Water Well Drilling
  • 1106 County Rd 12-S -- Alamosa, CO 
  • 719-589-5407
  • License # 1393

Spencer Water Well Drilling 
239 N. County Rd. 2E, Monte Vista, CO 81144 - 9550
Telephone: 719-852-3281

OJO Springs Drilling & Well
601 S. Hendren Ave.
Walsenburg, cO  81089

The less expensive drillers often have a long waiting list.  Ask about a start date.
Sign a contract, with a small deposit. The balance is due upon completion.

Local People Who Build, Dig, Install, Service--


Keith Hard  (De Priest Construction, LLC) is actively doing many projects in the San Luis Valley area.  Recently we have noticed some lovely big homes in Forbes Park with De Priest Construction signs on them.   We have always had good reports from folks using them and feel good recommending them.  At one time he was also representing a line of lower priced, modular cabins and homes called Sierra Blanca Homes. Keith lives in Blanca. His phone numbers are 719-379-3879, and 719-588-0471. 
 Keith's brother Don Hard is also doing foundation work and other construction and was working on a project with EC Cordova across the street from our house.  He would be a good person to talk to about your project and we can get you in touch with him if you let us know.   

Rincon Surveyors - Alamosa - click for his website

One of our friends used this surveyor recently and was very satisfied.

Eavenson Surveying Inc.11219 S 109 RD.Alamosa, CO 81101---719-587-0060 Cell-719-588-1445


Earthmoving- Driveways- Septic Systems
Daniel Schweizer does road work.  The contact information we have for him is (719) 838-1261 - but that might be his wife's business number.  Just ask for him.    The Costilla County Planning and Zoning website lists some approved contractors and are showing a list of people for a lot of jobs:    https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/costillacounty/planning-zoning-resources.  Click "Registered Contractor List." Scroll through it for the Backhoe and Driveway listing.
Wolfgang recently met Doug Brandt who puts in Septic Systems in the Valley.  He also does cleaning and pumping and repair.  His contact info is 719-480-5301 or 719-843-0332.  He also does metal buildings and welding. 
For Septic Systems you can also Google the term followed by Alamosa and you will get a list of people to contact.   


Be sure to read the county's guidelines for building and permits on the link above.  It is very informative!