STEPS TO PURCHASING PROPERTY- Please open every link, click open each of the "sample" documents and read them and then proceed to the RESERVATION FORM BELOW

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We have answered a lot of Frequently Asked Questions on the page below.  It is full of great information.  Please open it now if you have not already read it.


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Open and read our disclosure regarding purchasing property.  You will indicate on the RESERVATION FORM that you have read this.  We will send you a copy later when you purchase with your Earnest Money Contract.   This is a .PDF form and may appear at half-size when you open it.  There is a "percent" of view and will show 47%.  Adjust it to 100% for easier reading.  When you are finished, hit the BACK button on your browser to return to our website.


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Review the "sample" Earnest Money contract which we will prepare and our Purchasing Property guide.


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Fill out the form below (Required) which gives us your name as you want to title the property, your address, and indicate how much earnest money you will send and how long you want to reserve the property.  Submitting it to us will reserve the property you want, provided it is available, and we will wait for your Earnest Money to arrive (1 week)

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As soon as we get your Earnest Money to hold the land, we will send you  a signed Earnest Money Contract by mail which is your receipt for the money and gives details on our proposed agreement for completing your sale.  We allow 30 days for you to come and inspect the property and make a final decision.  After that time, we expect you to move onto the next step towards purchasing or ask for your earnest money back.

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After you have completed your Down-payment, if you are using our owner financing plan, we will then prepare a Land Purchase Contract which all of us sign and then we record it in either Costilla or Alamosa County and send you the original, along with a payment schedule, if you request it.  Your regular payments will then begin.  If you are paying cash, this doesn't apply

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Once you have paid for the property in full, we prepare a General Warranty Deed for your land, record it, and then send it to you within 30 days.  Before preparing the Warranty Deed, we will confirm your name as you plan to take title and your address of record.

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Reserving and Inspecting Property

If you find a parcel on our website that looks like it might be right for you, we recommend that you reserve it for 30 days and then come to Southern Colorado to check it out.  Reservation requires a $500 deposit that is fully refundable for 30 days.  Reserving the parcel makes sure it is available when you come to inspect it.  Whether you have reserved or not, you can make an appointment to look at several parcels with Wolfgang.  We live in Denver but he is showing land in Costilla and Alamosa Counties on a regular basis.  The average time required to look at land is 3-5 hours and by clicking OUR CALENDAR, you can see available times and dates.  If your schedule does not allow  planning ahead, we can also e-mail excellent directions for up to 4 parcels.  We can furnish GPS coordinates for the center of each lot a well as coordinates for the major property corners. 

Costilla County has adopted a new land use code and increased the fees for permits, plus added new permits.  If you plan to build, do earthwork, or camp for extended periods, it is very important that you read their land use code and also look at the fee schedule.  While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis. 


2013 Amended Permit Fee Schedule - Costilla County



Secure Credit Card Transactions by calling 720-535-5297 and giving us your CC #, expiration date, 3 digit CCV, and zip code.  $500 maximum amount.  There is a high usage fee for us, so if we end up returning your Earnest Money, we will deduct $15.00.