The SLVR Area has covenants, but there is no Association or group to enforce the covenants.  The area was platted and surveyed in the late 1960's and most of the SLVR lots were sold by the early 1980's.  There are an estimated 200 dwellings in the SLVR Area, ranging from nice homes to ramshackle homesteads.  Costilla County recently has passed an ordinance requiring landowners to show proof of trash service.  There are perhaps 30 eyesores in the SLVR Area, which have been grandfathered (being ignored).  But the mechanism is now in place, that upon complaints by one or more nearby residents, a County Inspector will view the violation (storing junk and old cars on the property) and issue a cease or desist order: "Clean it up or the County will get it done "  The County enforces their Land Use Code now and has a strict system of permitting that is required prior to building.  First and Foremost, you need a Septic System and proof of Water.


Wolfgang drove the area south of US 160 -SLVR Unit 20-24 in June 9, 2006 and took some photos of homes, dwellings, and "homesteads”.

The term homesteads are synonymous with residential camps, which often violate Colorado State health regulations (no approved septic or disposal system) and often violate the new trash ordinance.  Wolfgang took photos of some of these offending sites, but they are not shown below.  


Nice Southwestern Style Home in Unit 23
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Southwest House with Blanca Massif
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House in SLVR Unit 21
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Another House in Unit 21
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Post 1975 Mobile Homes are Permitted by County
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