35 acre parcel in the U Lazy U Subdivision -  10 miles east of Alamosa

In Colorado, large parcels over 35 acres get special well permits that allow for some irrigation.   Larger parcels allow for real ranch style living. Usually, there are no covenants governing these larger lots, and a more rural lifestyle is possible.  


While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis.  

Blanca Massif
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North Toward the Sand Dunes
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Entrance to U Lazy U 2
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Upper Sangre de Cristo Mountains Near Crestone
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Another Blanca View
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S.E. View of Sand Hills
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Sold to Jonathan R. from Lakewood, CO  6-30-17 
U Lazy U 2, Parcel 10 - $10,000 Cash or $11,000 financed requiring $4,000 down and 35 payments of $200.  We don't charge any closing costs or hidden fees.  

This 35 acre parcel is located just inside the Alamosa County Line, about 15 miles east of Alamosa and about 10 miles west from the little town of Blanca. The parcel is flat with native grasses and shrubs. 35 Acre and larger parcels in our area qualify for a regular well permit for a 15 gallon per minute well. These wells allow for watering a 1 acre garden, flowers and trees, small livestock and for domestic water for a home or cabin. Wells in this area will cost about $8,500. This parcel is not suited for farming.   Wolfgang platted this area about 10 years ago and all the corners were surveyed and marked originally.

Alamosa has a population of 13,000 people . It has a Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger’s, a Walgreen, several lumber yards and a good Medical Center and Hospital. The nearest year-round neighbor is about 0.6 miles to the north. People in this area will typically have solar power, a septic system, and a propane tank. Because there are no utilities in this area, people use solar and propane for heating and appliances.  We estimate the cost of setting up will include: Well - $8,500, Septic System - $5,500; 1,000 watt Solar system - $4,000 or $14,000 for a 500 watt system; $4,000 to fence 5 acres, and $6,000 for a barn.  All those costs are approximate but should be added to the cost of a home.  There are few good jobs in our area, and we recommend that people who plan to live in our area have a pension income or work in sales, trucking. We do require the property to be paid in full before you can move on to it or build. 

Plat map of U Lazy U 2 Parcels
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Directions to U Lazy U 2, Parcel 10

From Fort Garland head west for 10 miles and zero odometer as you pass CO 150, the Sand Dunes Road. After odometer 2.0, turn left at Alamosa County Road 122. Head south on 122 for 2 miles and after crossing railroad track, turn left on Estrella. Then take the next right on Alma and then right again on Sanford. Zero odometer as you turn on Sanford. Head south west on Sanford for 2.6 miles and then take a right on overgrown road and head toward the U Lazy U 2 Entrance 2.  Zero odometer at entry post and head up the County Line Fence. Stop vehicle as odometer turns over 0.3 miles. You will be close to the south-eastern corner along fence.  The north-eastern comer will be 1,229’ north.  Look at the plat map for the other corners.

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This area is NOT suitable for farming.  You can get a well permit, and dig a well- then  water some trees, plow some dirt and make a garden, you can also have some small livestock inside fences.  You get cool temperatures at this elevation at night so the growing season is short.  You have to live on the property and water trees regularly to get them started.  We've seen antelope, rabbits, small foxes, and other little dessert critters in this area.  The soil is pretty sandy, so you might need to enrich it for your garden.  You can have a mobilehome that is not older than 1976, but check with Alamosa County to start a building project.  They follow standardized rules and regs concerning building permits and improvements.  There is a small college and a regional airport in Alamosa.