• Alpine Parcels are between 9,500 and 11,600 feet
  • Accessible by car or truck between Memorial Day and New Year's Day
  • Steep, Remote, Hunting areas
  • Tall trees, lush meadows in places, wildlife


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Expanse of Trees on the property
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Mushroom Hunting under the pines
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Standing on Moose Rd looking to the property
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Another vista taken from the parcel
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Beautiful Alpine Property
Reserved until 5-25-14 for Scott and Brenda from MO 
SDCR Unit E-3, Block 291, Lot 6507- 5.34 acres, $25,000 -with $10,000 down and 48 monthly payments of $352. There is 10% Discount for cash or Fast-Pay.  With our Fast-Pay-Option, a down payment of $10,000 is required followed by 10 quarterly payments of $1,250 or 30 monthly payments of $416.66
This property is located in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Elk Country and right across from the Trinchera Ranch, where guests paid $10,000 for an elk hunt. It is a pristine alpine area with large open meadows and stands of spruce and fir trees intermingled with some Bristlecone Pine trees more than 1,000 years old. We have sold over 1,600 parcels of land in Costilla County and this one ranks in the top ten. It is is at an elevation 11,500' (Our timberline is around 12,800'-13,300'). The location is about 27 miles south-east of Fort Garland (by road) and 21 miles north east of San Luis.

Directions: From Fort Garland head south on Colorado Highway 159 for about 10.9 miles and after passing Mile Marker #22, turn left on Jasper.  Zero odometer as you turn left.  Take the next right and then turn left on Rito Seco Rd. Head east on Rito Seco for 6+ miles, pass some Gold Mining Buildings on your left and near odometer 6.1, turn right on Forbes Rd.  Zero odometer as you turn right. Head up Forbes Rd for almost 9 miles.  Pass wood SDCR sign and Malcolm on your right and near odometer 8.1, pass Phillips Rd on your left.  Continue up the mountain and near odometer 8.8 turn right on Moose Rd. Zero odometer as you turn right on Moose.  Head up hill and stop vehicle as odometer turns over 0.1. Lot 6507 will be on your right. You will be about 60 yards above the lower corner on Moose and 400' below the upper corner.  Both corners are marked with orange tape.

Plat Map of 6507
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Aerial View of property
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Youtube Video of the property-- 360º


Driveway entrance from Phillips Rd.
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Looking out at Phillips from driveway
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Clearning suitable for building and/or camping
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This is a thickly-wooded lot!
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Phillips drops off once past Lot 6943
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Mike saunters along driveway/building area
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Looking west along Phillips Rd.
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Reserved until 5-25-14-- Phillip O.  and Missy M. from Pueblo CO.   (4-1-14)

DCR Unit G-3, Block 314, Lot 6943 -- 5.25 Acres -- $14,000 with $5,500 Down and 48 monthly payments of $200.  There is a 10%  discount for cash or with our Fast-Pay-Option the price is $12,600.  Fast-Pay requires $5400 down and the balance of $7200 paid within 24 months without interest.

Click HERE for lot info and driving directions

Wolfgang on Phillips Rd. at driveway
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Looking north from building area
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Tall trees near building area
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More pretty wildflowers
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Plat map
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Aerial map with contours and coordinates
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View from the property
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Lot on Right-- plenty of flat space
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Fur and Spruce trees on the lot
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View from a Neighbor's cabin porch
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Cutting a few trees will open a view
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Elk sign on the parcel
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Telephoto toward Trinchera Peak



SDCR Unit V-2 Block 257 Lot 5789--5.6 Acres--$12,600 Cash or Fast-Pay.  With our Fast-Pay Option, a down payment of $6,300 is required followed by 12 monthly payments of $525.  With our owner financing a down payment of $5,500 is required followed by 48 monthly payments of $200.


 This Lot is located in the alpine region of the Sangre De Cristo Ranches at an elevation of 10,350'. It will make a great parcel for a summer cabin, and a late fall deer and elk hunting site. This property has plenty of level area to put in a cabin or camping pad and  a parking area .  By cutting a few trees, a gorgeous view of Trinchera Peak and the southern Sangre De Cristo Mountains which go all the way to Santa Fe. Unit V2 is surrounded by a large Greenbelt Recreation Area set aside for hunting and fishingThere is a 13.4 acre property , 5790 adjacent and below 5789, and I obtained permission to hunt 5790 during the 2013 hunting seasons. 


Directions: From Fort Garland take CO 159 south for 4 miles and at Mile Marker #29 turn left. Head east on County Lane 6 for 3 miles and at the intersection, go straight across. Zero odometer as you cross the intersection.  Continue on Juarez Road for 7.2 miles and turn left at Balleroy. Zero odometer again as you turn on Balleroy.  Go up Balleroy for 3.9 miles and turn right at Dry Road. Take the left fork and then stop vehicle at the next intersection.  V2.5789 will is the corner lot on your left. Walk back on Dry Rd.  to the neighbors cabin which is near the Lot 5789 boundary. We have marked  the corners on Dry and Tagge with orange blaze tape.

Map showing land and Greenbelt
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Elk Hunting Information

Colorado Dept. of Wildlife - Hunting Page




Sangre De Cristo Ranches Alpine Lots are generally above 9,000' in elevation with some as high as 11,600'.  They have seasonal access, usually between Memorial Day and New Year's day. 
Since the temperature drops 3.2 degrees for every 1000' of elevation, it is often up to 20 degrees cooler up there. Precipitation goes up with elevation, and while at 8,500' in our area we have pinons and cedars, tall trees will be found above 9,200' ( Ponderosas, Spruce, Firs and Aspen). Where Alamosa at 7,500' has a high desert climate with only 7" of average annual moisture, the high country will often see 40"-80" of annual precipitation. Alpine flowers will spring up in late June and bloom most of the summer. Trees and grasses are much more lush and green, and the elk and deer head up in the high country as the snow melts and they are driven back down when the snow up there gets too deep. 

There are many cabins up in the high country and some people keep snow-mobiles to access their cabins after snow drifts or deep snow close the roads in December or January. Wolfgang has been coming to Costilla County since 1969 . He does not remember a year, that heavy snows closed the alpine roads in October or November, when the regular elk and deer hunting seasons are held. 
The area is ideal to sit on the porch of a cabin just to cool off when the temperatures in Denver and Colorado Springs get up close to 100 degrees. With over 400 miles of Costilla County maintained roads -- many of them criss-cross the high country. There are plenty of possibilities for riding ATV's and trail-bikes up there. These roads also are great for cross country skiing.

Most of out alpine parcel customers are hunters. They will use their cabin for family outings in the Summer and bring their hunting buddies up there in September for bow hunting and muzzle loading season or during the regular hunting seasons in October and November. The Sangre de Cristo Elk Herd ranges from 4,000-6,000 animals, and hunting is usually good above 10,000'.  There are thousands of acres of Greenbelt available for hunting and with a large parcel with proper terrain and no occupied cabins within 1/4 mile, it is often possible to hunt on your own land. 
Last season, two bulls were taken on our SDCR D-3.  



Summer at the top of the World -- From Forbes Rd
View from Jacquez - B-3 Area
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Sub-Alpine Properties