• Alpine Parcels are between 9,500 and 11,600 feet
  • Accessible by car or truck between Memorial Day and New Year's Day
  • Steep, Remote, Hunting areas
  • Tall trees, lush meadows in places, wildlife


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Elk Hunting Information

Colorado Dept. of Wildlife- Hunting Information


View across from top across road
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View from the General Area
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Trinchera View
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Showing the neighbor's at top of crest
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Meadow view uptop
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Another view of the parcel from above
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SDCR Unit B-3, Block 278, Lot 6281 -- 9,450’ Elevation --  5.42 Acres.  $15,500 Cash or Fast-Pay( finish paying in 2 years - $6,000 down).   $17,000 with longer term financing. $6,000 down and 55 monthly payments of $200.

This lot is accessible from Memorial Day through December. It is located in an area with beautiful alpine meadows. This area is a favorite among the locals and there are several cabins nearby. 

This parcel has several, nearly flat areas near the road and can be used for camping immediately.  It has a gently sloping, rounded top with a gorgeous view towards Trinchera Peak and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains south of US 160. The elevation is 9,540'. There is a steep  4-WD road going to the top of the property.  To change that to a 10% grade will require a winding drive  about 800' long and estimated to cost $2,000.

There are an estimated 60 cabins above 9500’ and people use solar panels for power, septic systems for waste and buried cistern for water. Propane is used for cooking and heating. Most alpine cabins will also have a wood stove. Propane and water delivery is available, but owners often haul their own water. Water can be hauled with trailer mounted tank (300-500 gallons) and these tanks can be filled at the San Luis Water Department. High Country wells are common in Forbes Park, but to my knowledge, there are none above 9500’ in the SDCR.

Directions: Will follow soon

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GPS Coordinates
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View down the slope - can be opened up
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Road Frontage
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Stella Cul-de-Sac
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Tall Fir Trees
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Still some snow on ground - mid May
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Elk skull -- on property
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Majestic Forest
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Another glimpse of the view that can be obtained
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Reserved for Aaron K. from CO 9-27-14 
SDCR Unit Y-2, Block 265, Lot 6079 -5.69 Acres--$12,600 Cash or Fast-Pay ($4,600 down followed by 20 monthly payments of $400.)  Longer term financing price is $14,000 with $4,000 down and 57 monthly payments of $200.
This lot is located on the Stella Cul-de Sac at an elevation of 9,940 ft.  This parcel is covered with aspen and fir trees and has a gentle slope off the cul-de-sac.  This is an alpine property with up to 25’ of annual snowfall which makes it unsuitable for year-round living.  While this would be a great site for a cabin, we didn’t see any with a few miles.  It is in elk country and the Sangre de Cristo elk herd varies from 7,000 to 12,000 animals.  This lot slopes down and it looked as if a nice mountain view can be opened up by cutting a few trees.  There are no utilities in SDCR Y-2!  Solar panels used to cost $800 per 100 watt panel and these prices have dropped today to $250.  People with high elevation cabins usually have a buried cistern and haul their water themselves from San Luis for $25 for 500 gal.  Others will carry their water from home in 7 gal jugs with spigots.  For waste disposal in the high county, septic systems can be used or stand-alone septic tanks.  We have an annual evaporation rate of 8 feet and with that high evaporation, septic tank does not have to be pumped for 10 years of more.  Water and propane can also be delivered up there. 
 Directions: From Fort Garland head south on Colorado Highway 159 for about 10.9 miles and after passing Mile Marker #22, turn left on Jasper.  Zero odometer as you turn left.  Take the next right and then turn left on Rito Seco Rd. Head east on Rito Seco for 6+ miles, pass some Gold Mining Buildings on your left and near odometer 6.1, turn right on Forbes Rd.  Zero odometer as you turn right. Head up Forbes Rd.  After odometer 3.5, turn left on Stella and go to the end. Stop your vehicle at the Stella Cul de Sac and consult maps. We have marked the corners at the top of the cul de sac as well as about 250 ‘ east with orange blaze tape.   If you have a GPS, let us know and we can send you the coordinates for all corners.

Plat map of Y2.6079 - Stella off of Forbes Rd
Aerial Map of Parcel - very wooded
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Sub-Alpine Properties