• Sub-Alpine Parcels are between 8,800 and 9,500 feet
  • Accessible by car or truck nearly year-round
  • Somewhat remote, with hunting areas nearby
  • Many lots feature a combination of tall trees and native brush


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Northern view; Mt. Lindsey, Hwy 160 below
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Terrain of parcel - looking towards La Veta
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Pine Trees and tall vegetation on lot
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Neighbor with Park Model home
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A full northern view showing all the mountains
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Perrugia frontage view
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SDCR Unit G-2, Block 217, Lot 4427---5.21 Acres-- $11,000 with our financing with $4,000 Down and then $200/mo for 38 months.  Cash and Fast Pay Price is $9,900


Located about 2.5 from US Highway 160 Mile Marker 268 (Forbes Park exit with flashing yellow light), at an elevation of 8,870 feet, this is one of the nicest lots in our inventory.  This parcel has a fantastic view of the Blanca Massif, with four 14,000’ plus peaks and the Valley in between.  It also has a great view east toward La Veta Pass.  It has a nice stand of tall, ponderosa pines.  There are two permanent residences in that area, where people live all year, but we do not recommend this location for a permanent or retirement home.  It is much better suited for a cabin or camping spot.  We have several nice, treed view lots available closer to town with much better winter access.  There are no utilities and the people up there use solar panels with batteries and converters, propane tanks, wood stoves, cell phones and satellite internet and TV.  Most people with cabins will take a few canisters of water with them. Permanent residents will usually have a well or buried water tank.  There is a "Park Model" cabin next door with a green roof (visible in a photo).
Directions: From Interstate 25, Exit 52 head west on US 160 through Walsenburg for about 41 miles and after Mile Marker # 269, look for Forbes Park Exit with flashing yellow light on your left.From Fort Garland head east on US 160 for about 9 miles and look for Forbes Park sign on your right. Exit, cross railroad track and turn right on Beekman Rd. Zero odometer as you turn right.  Head west on Beekman for almost 0.7 miles and turn left on Marraine Rd. Head up on Marraine and near odometer 2.0, turn right on Clausen road.  Zero odometer again as you turn on Clausen. Head west on Clausen, pass Perrugia and stop car when odometer turns over 0.5 miles.Lot 4427 will be on your right and you will be near the center of the parcel.  If you have a GPS, the coordinates near the center are 37.48423 and -105.31867.  Lot 4427 has 373’ frontage  on Clausen and the lot is over 450’ deep.

Plat Map detail showing property boundaries
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Valley view below -- and Pinions with pinecones
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Potential building area or camping spot on ridge
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Great view from ridge at center of lot
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Up Jaidi, looking across gully on lot
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Down Jaidi with Valley to southwest
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Old road on property with 50 years' overgrowth
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Sold to Bobby and Jessica from MN 7-10-15

SDCR Unit I, Block 105, Lot 1590 -- 5.37 acres -- Cash/FastPay price:  $7,900.  Financed price:  $8,800, with $2,800 down and 30 monthly payments of $200.


This is a sub-alpine parcel about 15 miles southeast of Fort Garland.  The elevation is 9,160 feet.  This is our most interesting property.  There is a canyon between two ridges, an old alpine road that has over 50 years of overgrowth.  There are tall trees with pinions.  There are several potential building sites and, finally, it is adjacent to Greenbelt.  There was new snow on the ground and we saw fresh elk sign.  This is a great combination property for someone who wants to bring the family in the Summer and his hunting buddies in October/November.
Directions: From Fort Garland drive south on Highway 159 about 4.7 miles to County Road 6.  Turn left and drive 2.5 miles to a 4-way intersection.  Zero odometer and go straight ahead on Juarez another 7.2 miles to a left turn at Balleroy.  Take the first right on Dunn, then the first left on Jaidi.  Stop car and zero odemeter.  Go 0.7 miles and park -- lot is on left (east) side of road.  GPS is:  N 37.271701, W 105.344615.
Directions from San Luis:  Head north on CO 159 for two or three miles and look for Jasper Rd on your righnd turn right on Jaidi.  Zero odometer again as you turn on Jaidi. Head up Jaidi about 0.7 miles and in bigg bend in the road and an old wagon road on your right, stop vehicle.  If you have a GPS, the decimal coordinates at the old road are: 37. 2728 ( North South) and -105. 3494 (Westt. Turn there, then take the next right and then turn left at Rito Seco Rd. Zero odometer as you turn on Rito Seco.  Head east on Rito Seco and after odometer 3.4, take the next left turn and continue on Juarez.  After odometer 4.1, turn right on Dunn Rd. Head up Dunn for about one mile - East.  If you do not have a GPS, look for our corner markers on your right side about 30' from the road centerline.

Quad Map
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Sangre De Cristo Ranches Sub-Alpine Lots are generally above 8,800' in elevation with some as high as 9,500'. They have nearly year-round access, with the occasional snow storm making road conditions difficult for a few days at a time.

Since the temperature drops 3.2 degrees for every 1000' of elevation, it is often up to 15 degrees cooler in these areas. Precipitation goes up with elevation, and while at 8,500' in our area we have pinons and cedars, tall trees will be found above 9,200' ( Ponderosas, Spruce, Firs and Aspen).
While two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles are able to access these lots most of the time, four-wheel drive is a good idea for those who either live in these areas full-time or visit frequently.  The area is ideal to sit on the porch of a cabin just to cool off when the temperatures in Denver and Colorado Springs get up close to 100 degrees.

Many of out sub-alpine parcel customers are hunters. They will use their cabin for family outings in the Summer and bring their hunting buddies up there in September for bow hunting and muzzle loading season or during the regular hunting seasons in October and November. The Sangre de Cristo Elk Herd ranges from 4,000-6,000 animals, and hunting is usually good above 10,000'. There are thousands of acres of Greenbelt available for hunting and with a large parcel with proper terrain and no occupied cabins within 1/4 mile, it is often possible to hunt on your own land.