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Mountain Views and Flat terrain
From Friend Leland on 3/6/15
Sunrise in SDCR - Taken from Unit C

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SDCR has covenants and is designed for residences although 90% of it is open and not settled consisting of some permanent residences and many camping sites 

It is required to get permits for building from the county - that includes driveways and septic systems

There is no regulation which prohibits camping, although recently the county defined the frequency that you can camp.  Sanitation and open fires are an issue.  

You must follow the county regulations 

We urge all prospective buyers to read the covenants thoroughly and be familiar with them.  We follow them and we expect you to also, if you purchase from us!

While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis.  


There are approximately 9,000 parcels of land in SDCR.

Click this map to see the UNIT location of land that you might be interested in



A-2.17.2 view southeast toward Trinchera Peak
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A-2.17.2 Pacheco at Governor
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A-2.15.11 view along Timothy toward mesa
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A-2.15.11 view to south toward Trinchera Peak
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SDCR Unit A-2, Block 15, Lot 11 – 5.01 Acres – Cash or FastPay price:  $5,000.  Financed price:  $5,500 with $1,500 down and 20 monthly payments of $200.


SDCR Unit A-2, Block 13, Lot 14 - 5.96 Acres - Cash or FastPay price: $5,900.  Financed Price: $6,500 with $2,000 down and 20 monthly payments of $200.


These three mostly-flat lots have beautiful views of Blanca Massif and the San Luis Valley to the west, with the town of Ft. Garland just a few miles to the northwest, making these ideal parcels for a year-round residence.  These parcels have native plants and shrubs which can be easily cleared for a driveway and building pad.  SDCR residents qualify for an augmented well-permit which allows for watering a small garden. Well-depths in this area range from about 100 to 200 feet. 


To visit all three of these lots, see directions below.

Directions: From Fort Garland, drive south on Highway 159 about 4.7 miles to County Road 6. Turn left and go about 1.25 miles to a left turn at Tyellyn Rd.  Drive 0.5 miles to Governor, turn right.  Follow Governor 0.36 miles to Penny Lane.  A-2.13.14 is on the southeast corner, extending along Governor to Timothy Rd.  After passing A-2.13.14, zero odometer, turn left on Timothy and drive 0.2 miles.  A-2.15.11 will be on the north (right) side of the road.  Next, drive back to Governor, zero odometer, turn left and follow Governor 0.57 miles to Pacheco.  Zero odometer and continue along Governor, stopping at 0.2 miles.  Lot A-2, Block 17, Lot 2 begins on the left and continues 988 feet around the turn -- both corners have been marked with orange blaze tape.

Plat Map
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A-2.17.2 Neighbor and Ft. Garland to west
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A-2.15.11 view west toward San Juan Mtns.
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View up Wilking toward Bateman, lot on left
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Natural opening with nice Pinion trees
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Mesa to north
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Nice view toward the west
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Looking south from the trees into a sage field
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View from inside the trees
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Courtesy Reservation: Sagar and Karlie 2-18-19

SDCR Unit E, Block 77, Lot 990 -- 5 Acres -- $9,800 Cash/FastPay or $10,900 Financed, with $1,900 down followed by 50 monthly payments of $180

This property would be great for a year-round off-grid residence, or an excellent place to camp.  There are views of Blanca Massif to the north, the San Luis Valley and San Juan Mountains to the west, and New Mexico mountains to the south.  Half of this property is wooded with medium-to-mature Pinions, with several natural openings that would make good parking or building pads.  Fort Garland, with its hardware/lumber store, Post Office, four restaurants, liquor store, grocery store and two gas stations, is a seven minute drive away.  Camping or building inside the trees would allow for quiet and seclusion.

Directions: From Fort Garland, head south on Colorado Hwy 159 for 4 miles and turn left at Mile Marker #29. Head east on County Lane 6 for 2.5 miles and at the 4-way intersection, go straight across and continue on Juarez Road.  Zero odometer as you cross intersection and drive 1 miles to a left turn at Bateman.  Take the first right at Wilking.  Zero odometer and drive 0.1 miles -- lot begins in right at orange marker (see plat map).



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Nice view of Blanca Massif from center of lot
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Plat Map
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East view showing Leonard Rd
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Part of the "driveway" with ridge showing
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Looking north approaching top of driveway
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Top of Ridge-- view to the mountains
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Aerial view with GPS Coordinates
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Another view of Ridge- top of Property
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Reserved for Lourdes C. in OH 1-15-19

SDCR Unit E, Block 77, Lot 999 -- 5 Acres -- $7,200 Cash/FastPay or $8,000 Financed, with $2,500 down followed by 36 monthly payments of $153

This very UNIQUE property in one of our favorite units starts on one road, and has a small access or driveway through the property climbing UP to a ridge where you can see both north and southeastern views, then you can drive back down the ridge on the other side of another parcel and end up on a different road.  There is potential access from both roads, if you got permission from the owner of 997. See plat and aerial maps that we are posting.  The aerial has the GPS Coordinates.  The photos were taken when there was still snow on Mt, Blanca several years ago.  Here's an ideal parcel for ATV enthusiasts.   It has nice vegetation and trees and really would make a great secluded camping spot that is accessible all year and not too far from town.  No POWER and no WATER.  Bring your own.  

From Leonard Rd-- looking up at center of parcel
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Plat Map
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Blanca Massif from Leonard Rd.
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Looking up Leonard from cul-de-sac
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Arroyo running east of lot
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View to south and from cul-de-sac
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View to west
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Another view from cul-de-sac
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SDCR Unit E, Block 80, Lot 1016 -- 5.3 Acres -- Cash and FastPay price:  $7,100.  Financed price:  $7,900, with $2,900 down and 36 monthly payments of $139 

This property is located about 8 miles from Fort Garland, which has a grocery store, three restaurants, two gas stations (one with a mechanic on duty), a Post Office, a hardware store, a car wash and a very interesting museum at the original Fort.  It is dotted with Pinion trees and has great views in all directions.  This parcel has year-round accessibility, southern exposure, and it qualifies for an augmented well permit allowing for indoor useage as well as a small garden.  Well depths in this area run between 100 and 200 feet.

Directions: From Fort Garland, head south on Colorado Hwy 159 for 4 miles and turn left at Mile Marker #29. Head east on County Lane 6 for 2.5 miles and at the 4-way intersection, go straight across and continue on Juarez Road.  Zero odometer as you cross intersection and drive 1.7 miles to a left turn at Yablon.  Drive 0.2 miles and take the first right at Leonard.  Follow Leonard to cul-de-sac -- lot extends past cul-de-sac to left of centerline (see plat map).



Great view of Blanca Massif from Leonard
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More snow-capped mountains seen from lot
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Plat map
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Blanca from Trees at Back of Lot
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Blanca Massif to North from back of lot
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View of Trees on Lot
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North from NW corner, Wolfgang and Mike
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SW Corner in Trees at Back of Lot
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View of SE Mountains from NW Corner
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Sold to John and Ashley H. 2-28-19
SDCR Unit H-3, Block 318, Lot 7029 – $4900 Cash Price. Our 0% financed price requires $1900 down followed by 15 monthly payments of $200.

We bought this parcel back in 2012. We only showed the property once since then. It is located about 4 miles south-east of Fort Garland and one mile off the paved Trinchera Ranch Road. There are homes with power within 4000’. The lot is 5.1 acres in size, with 380’ frontage on... more Annenberg Road in an area with 20-30 permanent residences with nice homes and cabins.

This Sangre de Cristo Ranches (SDCR) lot qualifies for an augmented well permit and water is allowed for trees, flowers and a garden. The lot is nearly rectangular and flat. There is a stand of 10-15 pinion pine trees near the south-eastern corner to provide shade for a picnic area. With a $200 permit, a driveway and recreational pad is estimated to cost $750.  From that treed corner, there is a great view of the Blanca Massif with its four 14,000’ peaks.  There are other mountain views toward the east and southeast.

Video is taken from inside the trees at southeast corner of lot.

Directions: From Fort Garland, go east to Mile Marker 260 and turn into the Trinchera Ranches at the flashing yellow light. Stay on Trinchera Ranch Road (paved) for approximately 2.7 miles, then turn left on Scheffellin Road. Go another 1/2 mile and turn right on Hartgrave Rd. Proceed on Hartgrave for 1.25 miles, then turn left on Annenberg Rd. Zero the odometer and go 3/10 of a miles- you should see the Orange Blaze on the right just before your odometer turns over to 0.3. 

Click here to see a short YouTube video

Blanca from Trees on Lot
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Aerial map with GPS coordinates
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Plat map
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