Our Land South of Hwy 160 is in Unit 20

  • San Luis Valley Ranches (SLVR) south of Hwy 160
  • Parcels are east of Blanca, West of Alamosa
  • All our lots are big lots, 5 acres and larger
  • We offer for sale by owner with land contract financing.
  • Camping, RV's, Cabinsites

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Looking toward San Dunes Natl Park from Unit 20
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Looking to Mt Blanca

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Food for Thought-- Some other land sellers offer parcels of land for $99 per month for 10 years.  The actual cost of the land ends up being thousands of dollars more than the original price and the parcels themselves are in areas that we don't even deal with because of their inferior location, lack of roads or any type of infrastructure, and distances from neighboring towns.  Our parcels, if inferior in some regard, will state their condition, the photos will be accurate and from the parcel and our prices will be in the range $3,000.  It just bears thinking about....... 

                 PARCEL                     SIZE    CASH    FINANCED        TERMS
SLVR Unit 21 Block 34 Lot 852,650  $650 down, $200/mo for 10 mo
SLVR Unit A Block 2 Lot 9 53,650  $650 down, $200/mo. for 15 mo
SLVR Unit C, Block 3, Lot 453,9004,300$800 Down, $175/mo for 20 mo

SLVR Unit 21, Block 34, Lot 8 -- 5 Acres ---  $2,650 cash or $650 down and 10 payments of $200. 
We forgot we owned this and hadn't offered it for sale in the last few years.  
Parcel is 330' facing Lamar Rd and is 660' deep, like most of the parcels in San Luis Valley Ranches. 
Seasonal Camping - Recreational property.  If you want to live in this area, please familiarize yourself with the County's Land Use Code regarding building regulations, septic systems, and obtaining a legal source of water. The land is only designed for one residence, and a well and septic system will be required for permanent living.  This adds greatly to the cost of living in this area, plus one must factor in the cost of solar or hooking up to power.   

SLVR Unit 21. 34. 8
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GPS: NW corner facing Lamar Rd -- 37.40953,-105.62449;

SW corner on Rd --37.40863,-105.62449 


Blanca Massif to the North
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Power about 0.3 Miles Away
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View Toward West
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View of Sangre de Cristos toward the East
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Blanca Massif with Smith Reservoir in Foreground
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Sangre de Cristos North of Blanca Massif
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SLVR Unit A, Block 2, Lot 9 -- 5 Acres -- $3,650 with $650 down followed by 15 monthly payments of $200 -- POWER nearby

This property has wonderful views in all directions, with Blanca Massif to the north, the Sangre de Cristo range to the east, and the San Juan mountains to the west.  Smith Reservoir is about 0.3 miles to the north.  There is a house 0.3 miles to the west that is hooked up to power.  This location is ideal for a permanent residence, with the town of Blanca less than a 5 mile drive away, Ft. Garland 10 miles, and Alamosa 25 miles.  The ground is rocky and flat with sage brush.

Driving Directions:  From the western edge of the town of Blanca, turn south on County Rd 12.  Drive about 4.4 miles to a left turn on Twenty-Seventh St.  Zero Odemeter and drive east on Twenty-Seventh 0.5 miles.  Stop car; parcel begins on left side of the road, with 330' frontage and extending 660' to the north.

Aerial Map Showing Proximity to Smith Reservoir
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Snow-Capped Blanca Massif to North
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View Toward East Along Twenty-First St.
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View Toward Sangre de Cristos to East
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More Snow-Capped Mountains Seen from Lot
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View Toward South
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Another View Toward East Along Twenty-First St.
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SLVR Unit C, Block 3, Lot 4 -- 5 Acres -- $3,900 Cash/FastPay or $4,300 Financed with $800 down followed by 20 monthly payments of $175

This property has great mountain views, with Blanca Massif to the north, the Sangre de Cristos to the east, and the San Juans to the west.  Along with the views, this lot offers a great deal of seclusion, with Blanca and U.S. Highway 160 about 6 miles away.  The parcel is flat with sagebrush ground-cover.  This lot is an ideal candidate for solar power, while a well would likely hit water less than 100 feet down.

Driving Directions:  From the western edge of the town of Blanca, drive south on County Rd 12 about 6 miles to a left turn on Twenty-First St.  Zero odemeter and drive 0.25 miles east on Twenty-First, park car.  Property begins on right side of road, extending 330' to the east and 660' to the south.


Aerial map
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Unit 20 and 21  Parcels are all approximately 5-acres in size (330'x660') and are located south of US 160. Location is about 18 miles from Alamosa and 18 miles to Sand Dunes National Park.
These parcels are ideal for Solar Power.   Telephone service would also be possible. You can get a domestic well-permit in this area on a 5 acre parcel.  All are flat, with a sandy soil and have natural grasses and shrubs.  There are about 30 permanent residents in the Unit 20 area, and good County maintained roads access these properties.  Property taxes are about $65/year.  They are all accessible all year with regular vehicles.

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Photos Below are representative of the area.  In many cases we have actual photos if you email us.

Looking SE along Steamboat Loop - Lot on right
SLVR 20.10.16
Looking toward Mt. Blanca from 20.10.16
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Blanca from Unit 21

Neighbor across the Road
20.10.16 Neighbor