• San Luis Valley Ranches (SLVR) near Blanca-
  • All our lots are big lots, 5 acres and larger
  • We offer for sale by owner with land contract financing.
  • Camping, RV's, Cabinsites

Land North of Hwy 160 is San Luis Valley Ranches Units 1-17
$4,500 -- $9,450 Cash prices

Land South of Hwy 160 is SLVR Units 20-24    $3,500--$7,700 range of Cash prices

The Northern portion of San Luis Valley Ranches north of Hwy 160 rises gently as the terrain goes up the side of Mt. Blanca. The parcels in the higher elevations have 1,000 year old Pinon trees. The higher you go, the rockier the roads become, but as you are heading toward the mountain, the view is wonderful and you don't even mind. The Valley view is also wonderful day or night.

South of Hwy 160 -  the parcels tend to be flat and have less vegetation and wildlife - antelope, coyotes, the occasional lost deer or elk, many types of birds, and yes, we can't lie, their are snakes everywhere in this area. The road system is gravel but marked fairly well as long as the parcel you choose is in Unit 20,21,22.  Because this are is close to Blanca, Colorado, you can get mail there, supplies, and eat at Lu's Cafe.   There are still wonderful views in many directions and the parcels are less expensive.

Unit 14 - Wonderful summer photo
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Looking toward San Dunes Natl Park from Unit 20
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SLVR Unit 20-24 Plat Map
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Costilla County has adopted a new land use code which will make them more in compliance with other counties in Colorado.  Although this land is cheap, the usage of it is controlled by the county which means you must have proper permits to build, to change the land, to install a septic system, etc.  You can camp on the land and use it as a stepping off point for all the great recreational activities in this area, or you can build, but please consult the county for the rules and regulations regarding use of the land and permits required.
 We also need to mention that although Colorado has legalized small amounts of marijuana for personal use, the state has  determined that for personal use, you can not have more than 6 plants and they must be grown inside the house in a room that can be locked if there are children.  You cannot grow marijuana plants outside in this high elevation Valley - the atmosphere, the cool nights, the lack of precipitation, and many other factors would not be conducive.  


While you are purchasing land from us, we do not allow building projects, living on the land, or storing of equipment, supplies, or vehicles.  We do allow short-term camping.  All county Rules and Regulations must be followed regarding camping and permitting.  If you get our permission, you can put in a driveway and/or camping pad, with a permit from the county.  There might be a few exceptions, such as keeping a fire-pit on the property which we can allow on an individual basis.  
Sunday, June 7 - Denver Post article about moving and living in the San Luis Valley to grow cannibis:  http://www.denverpost.com/news/local/ci_28267705/newcomers-to-costilla-county-lured-by-legal-marijuana-cheap-land

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This property is on northern edge of subdivision
SLVR 20.13.12